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"The only thing more dangerous than the line being crossed, is the cop who will cross it."

Training Day is a crime drama film that came out in the year 2001. It was among the top movies of that year. The story of this movie revolves around a rookie Los Angeles detective who is looking to get into the narcotics unit. He is being evaluated for one day by successful and experienced detective. Over the course of the film, the rookie finds out that the experienced detective is very unethical and engages is criminal activity himself to achieve objectives. The rookie finds out that the detective is corrupt and must survive the day without having anything bad happen to him. This movie got very good reviews and was therefore among the top movies of that year.

A police officer named Jake Hoyt has recently gotten the opportunity to become a detective in narcotics for the Los Angeles Police Department. He is very eager to be trained and advance in his law enforcement career. That day he is assigned to meet up with and work with an experienced LAPD detective named Alonzo Harris. Harris is a seasoned and very successful LAPD narcotics detective. In the beginning of the day the two make rounds and stop a group of college students who were possessing marijuana. Harris gives them a warning not to come to the neighborhood ever again and not purchase marijuana. On their way to meet with another person, Harris demands Hoyt smoke PCP in order to better fit in with drug dealers. Jake initially refuses and Harris tells him to leave. Hoyt gives in and smokes the PCP. They meet with an older man named Roger who seems to be a friend of Harris but is really a top drug dealer in Los Angeles. Throughout the day, Hoyt and Harris stop a rape and also do a search on a drug dealer’s house.

At lunch Harris meets with a district attorney, a judge and also a police official to discuss his progress. They also reveal that Harris is in lots of trouble with the Russian mob due to killing a Russian mobster in Las Vegas recently. They tell him that he must leave Los Angeles or he will get killed. However he tells them that he will have the ability to pay off the mob by getting money from a suspect. Harris has the officials get a local judge to give him an arrest warrant to apprehend Roger and take his stash of money. Harris, Hoyt and a few others participate. They hold up Roger in his home and take his stash of money. Harris splits it with all of the officers including Hoyt but he is not comfortable because he believes that it is unethical for an officer to take money and use it for themselves rather than turn it in as evidence. During the holdup, Harris kills Roger and tries to manipulate the scene by telling all of the officers to say certain things and make it seem as if Roger started a shootout and the officers killed him in self defense. Hoyt now realizes that Harris is corrupt as he stole money from a dealer, used the money to bribe a judge in giving an arrest warrant and then committing murder and armed robbery. Harris assures him that detective work is like this all the time and that this is what needs to be done to succeed.

Later that night Hoyt and Harris meet up with a group of people who are actually gang members. It is revealed that Harris planned to have them kill Hoyt and avoid being exposed for corruption. However Hoyt is able to avoid execution by telling the gang members that he saved the leader’s cousin earlier in the day from a rape. The gang members let Hoyt go and then he confronts Harris. They have a brutal struggle but in the end Hoyt gets the upper hand and with the support of the neighborhood takes the money to turn in as evidence. In the end Harris gets killed by the Russian mobsters and Hoyt comes home. A radio broadcast stating Harris’ death is also made in the background in the final scene.

| 2001 | 2 hr 2 min | 7.7/10 | 69/100
Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Scott Glenn, Tom Berenger
Warner Bros. Pictures
Antoine Fuqua

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