U.S. Marshals

"The cop who won't stop is back. But this time he's chasing down a lot more than a fugitive."

Two American DSS agents are killed while intercepting a briefcase in a car park. While the murderer escapes, the act is recorded on video. Several months later, Mark Warren is charged with illegal weapons possession only for it to reveal that he's actually Mark Roberts, a fugitive for homicide. Roberts is put on a prisoner transport plane back to New York; however an incident with a Chinese prisoner leads to plane depressurizing and crashing in Kentucky. U.S. Marshal Gerard finds that Roberts has escaped and is joined by DSS agent John Royce to hunt Roberts down.

Roberts makes it as far as New York City, gaining weapons, cash, a new identity, and a job spying on a Chinese diplomat. Elsewhere in Chicago, the Marshals are following every lead they can find on Roberts. Re-examining the murder footage from the start of the film, the Marshals are informed that Roberts was acting in self-defense and that "Mark Roberts" is yet another cover identity for Mark Sheridan.

| 1998 | 2 hr 11 min | 6.5/10
Stuart Baird
U.S. Marshals

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