Valley Girl

Valley Girl is a funny movie starring Nicholas Cage and his journey to get the girl of his dreams. Julie Richman(Deborah Foreman) is the ultimate valley girl she has the beauty, the boyfriend, Tommy(Michael Bowen), and everyone loves her. Nothing can go wrong her in her world until one day she meets Randy(Nicholas Cage). Randy is the exact opposite of Tommy. Randy is not from the valley, he is the bad boy, a punk. After having a fight with Tommy and breaking up with him, Julie heads to a party with her friends. They run into Randy and his friend Fred(Cameron Dye) who crashed the party. Tommy, sensing the competition and jealousy kicks Randy out of the house. Determined to see Julie, Randy sneaks back into the house and finds her. She decides to leave with him along with one of her friends. They hang out all night and realize they really like each other.

Julie is torn between being a valley girl and dating Randy. She feels that she has an image to keep. She is getting pressure from her friends to go back to Tommy and keep her wholesome image. She goes to her dad for advice. He tells her to follow her heart, but she gives into the pressure and goes back to Tommy.

Brokenhearted Randy goes on a binge of destruction until he realizes that he wants Julie back and will do anything to get her back, including sleeping on her front lawn. Julie is surprised and wants to be with him, but she is with Tommy. Her and Tommy head to the Prom. Randy slips backstage of the high school and picks a fight with Tommy.

Witnessing the fight, Julie finally realizes that Randy is not a bad guy, leaves with Randy in the limo. They ride off into the night. Not caring what her friends think.

| 1983 | 1 hr 39 min | 6.4/10 | 66/100
Nicolas Cage, Deborah Foreman, Elizabeth Daily, Michael Bowen
Vestron Video
Martha Coolidge
Valley Girl
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Valley Girl (1983) - Official Trailer (HD)|2:32
Valley Girl Official Trailer #1 - Nicolas Cage Movie (1983) HD|2:28
Valley Girl Official Trailer #1 - Nicolas Cage Movie (1983) HD|2:28
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