Wake Up Sid

The film entitled Wake Up Sid is about the experiences of a young man known as Mehra Sid. Sid is the spoiled son of a very rich businessman. He is a college student but spends most of his time squandering his father’s wealth. Sid boycotts the final exams as he is not prepared to write it. His father is not aware of his activities and promises him a new car and suggests he starts working for the company.

Sid comes across Aisha. After a few dates the two become very good friends. Sid assists her in finding an apartment which she later moved into. Aisha dreams of becoming a successful writer some day. She finds a job with a magazine in Mumbai where she works closely with her boss Kabir. Kabir is the owner and editor of the magazine.

Aisha invites Sid over to her apartment on her birthday and during his visit, Sid tells Aisha how much he is attracted to her but she rejects his proposal of starting a relationship on the grounds that he is immature. Sid gets hurt but respects her decision.

The results of the exams are released and Sid fails since he did not even sit for the exam. He gets into trouble with his family as a result and is forced to leave the house. He moves in with Aisha but after a short while the two start having trouble and misunderstandings.

Aisha discovers how spoiled Sid is. He is not even able to feed himself and cannot do any house chores. She decides to teach him how to do basic and necessary things for himself. She also finds him a job at the magazine. This helps him appreciate life better. Kabir invites Aisha for a date but she refuses as she realizes she now loves Sid.

Sid decides to go back home. Aisha is unhappy about Sid leaving. In the end the two get back together.

2009 | 2 hr 18 min | 7.6/10
Wake Up Sid

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