War Dance

"The war stole everything, except their music."

War Dance is a documentary film directed by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix in Uganda. War Dance follows the journey of three elementary school kids as they travel from their hometown to compete in a national annual student music festival held in Kampala, the capitol city of Uganda. In this festival, awards are given to students from around the country for their performances in traditional music and dance. These awards are very prestigious and an honor to the students, who can only compete by invitation.

War Dance follows the preparation of three students from Patongo Primary school, which is a school that has never been invited to compete in the competition. The main competing students from Patongo are named Nancy, Rose, and Dominic. They are competing in three of the eight categories at the national competition, in the areas of choral performance, instrumental music, and traditional dance.

Nancy is a thirteen-year-old choir singer, Rose is a fourteen-year-old dancer, and Dominic is a fourteen-year-old xylophone player. They are all members of the ethnic group called Acholi and are all proud for the opportunity to present the culture of their community to the country, especially during such a tumultuous time in its history.

For the past thirty years, the citizens of Uganda have been living in civil war, with uncertain national leadership that has constantly been threatened by a force of revolutionaries called the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA for short. The fighting is worst in northern Uganda, where the children of Patongo live in a remote refugee camp that is under military protection. Considered by many to be a terrorist group, the LRA recruit most of their soldiers by kidnapping children from these northern refugee camps and other poverty plagued villages.

But Nancy, Rose, and Dominic use dedication to their dance to rise above the violence around them and present to the nation their culture that has endured by the strength of their people.

| 2007 | 1 hr 45 min | 7.9/10 | 68/100
Dominic, Nancy, Rose, Jane Adong
Andrea Nix Fine, Sean Fine
War Dance
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Also directed by Andrea Nix Fine, Sean Fine

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War/Dance Theatrical Trailer|2:32
War/Dance Theatrical Trailer|2:32
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