Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald

A live radio play is about to go on the air at a Tokyo radio station. The script of the play was actually written by housewife who won a radio station contest. Without warning, a hot-tempered actress makes it clear that she will not participate unless the name of her character is changed. This event causes the other actors in the play to make demands of their own. All of this "ad libbing" completely alters every element of the production with surprising results. For the first time ever, the script of a live performance is being re-written during its performance.

The chain of events causes the entire staff including the technical crew to participate in bringing the production to completion. Everything happens live on the air as the broadcast gets progressively more absurd.

| 1998 | 1 hr 43 min | 7.9/10
Koki Mitani
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Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald
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