Wish I Was Here

"Life is an occasion. Rise to it."

This entertaining story was written and directed by Zach Braff, who also plays Aiden Bloom, the leading male role. Bloom is facing an uncertain future when he receives distressing news about his father. In an attempt to bring his extended family together, Bloom creates a plan that involves everyone accepting new responsibilities. The discomfort of growing pains proves both hilarious and touching as a group of misfits learn to deal with the idiosyncrasies and weaknesses of their family members.

Kate Hudson is endearing as the wife and mother, Sarah Bloom. The children, Grace and Tucker, are played by Joey King and Pierce Gagnon. Mandy Patinkin portrays a believable patriarch facing the toughest challenge of his life, with his family in close pursuit. A rabbi and healthcare provider add intensity, humor, and drama to the main and sub plots throughout the movie. Multiple cameo appearances of favorite celebrities, like James Avery and Ato Essandoh grace the movie in an endearing and hilarious manner.

| 2014 | 2 hr | 6.7/10
Zach Braff
Wish I Was Here

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