Without Warning

"It Preys On Human Fear. It Feeds On Human Flesh."

Without Warning is a 1980 British horror movie. The movie also has two other titles, “It Came….Without Warning and Alien Shock was its German title. The film combines science fiction with gory horror. Jack Palance and Martin Landau are featured in the leading roles. Greg Cannom was hired as the film’s special effects designer, Cannom also worked on Hollywood blockbusters like Titanic and Jurassic Park

The story centers around a father and son on a hunting trip in the mountains. Flying jellyfish-like creatures kills them. The movie continues along the same line. Local residents are killed by the same type of creatures who turn out to be extraterrestrials. This is a fun low-budget sci-fi movie that fans of the genre will enjoy.

| 1983 | 1 hr 29 min | 5.1/10
Greydon Clark
Without Warning

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