TV and Movie News (page 2)

Natalie Portman Sparks Outrage in Israel
April 20, 2018 @ 4:02 am PST    Thor: The Dark World     EG    
The actress angers some by refusing to travel to the country.

'Scandal' Goes Out with a Bang
April 20, 2018 @ 3:53 am PST    Scandal and Legacy     EG    
The veteran drama ended its run this week.

The Rock Battles Amy Schumer This Weekend
April 19, 2018 @ 7:52 am PST    Rampage, I Feel Pretty, A Quiet Place, Snatched, Trainwreck, Super Troopers 2     EG    
'Rampage' will take on 'I Feel Pretty' at the box office.

Abby Lee Miller Diagnosed with Cancer
April 19, 2018 @ 7:40 am PST    Dance Moms     EG    
The 'Dance Moms' star has had a very difficult year.

Is Kim K Moving in with Chrissy Teigen?
April 19, 2018 @ 4:16 am PST    Keeping Up with The Kardashians     EG    
After a cryptic tweet from her husband, Kim might need a new place to live.

'Stranger Things' Adds New Cast Members
April 18, 2018 @ 8:14 am PST    Stranger Things, The Princess Bride     EG    
Season 3 of the Netflix hit will have a couple more familiar faces.

Kim K Is Topless in the Caribbean
April 18, 2018 @ 8:03 am PST    Keeping Up with The Kardashians     EG    
The 'KUWTK' star is not interested in staying clothed while she's on vacation.

Charlize Theron Gained 50 Pounds for New Role
April 18, 2018 @ 7:51 am PST    Atomic Blonde, Tully     EG    
Macaroni and cheese was the secret.

Khloe's Fans Don't Like Her Baby's Name
April 17, 2018 @ 7:35 am PST    Keeping Up with The Kardashians     EG    
They think the baby's name clashes with her father's cheating ways.

Is Amy Schumer's New Movie Going to Bomb?
April 17, 2018 @ 7:27 am PST    I Feel Pretty, Trainwreck, I Feel Pretty, Bad Moms, Snatched     EG    
Forecasts for 'I Feel Pretty' are not pretty.