'2 Broke Girls' Season 3, Episode 13: 'And the Big But' Recap

'2 Broke Girls'  Season 3, Episode 13: 'And the Big But' Recap Caroline insists upon keeping the cupcake shop open even though there is a blizzard outside. The snowplow propels snow directly through the window.

No one is coming into the diner either. Han hasn't even been able to make it in. Max, however, has Deke in the back studying with her.

Deke and Max are studying, but it's not going well. Deke recommends they ask the girl next to them in class, Judy (with the big butt), for assistance.

Caroline, aside, asks Max if it bothers her when Deke talks about other girls around her. Max tries to explain they're just friends and there's nothing sexual between them... to open the door and find Deke stripping down. He takes a snow swim in his underwear.

At class, Caroline struggles to prepare herself to see Chef Nicolas, while Deke rides the elevator with Judy With a Booty. Yet, while in class, Deke helps Max knead bread dough, and she is surprised by her reaction to his touch.

At the diner, Max runs to Caroline and tells her there is something wrong with her... she has feelings for Deke. He's coming over to study later, and Max doesn't know what to do. Caroline urges Max to tell him how he feels, because she thinks Judy is interested in Deke.

While studying later, Max stares awkwardly at Deke as he tries to quiz her. Deke tells her that Judy texted him to come over and study and then have sex with her. Max holds off on telling him her feelings. She tells him to go for Judy, and insists he leave. Reluctantly he goes.

Max is glad she didn't say that she liked him and make herself vulnerable. Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to study and will fail the test.

Caroline breaks her into Chef's office to look for the test so Max can pass her test. When Nic comes in, Max hides and Caroline tells Nic she missed him. He kisses her and Caroline throws Max the tests and lets her escape.

Max is still not prepared for the test, which had answers written in French, and now neither is Deke, who spent the night talking with Judy. He goes to the bathroom, and fire alarm goes off. Everyone flees.

Deke finds Max and tells her he pulled the alarm so they could both stay in class together. Max admits she had a moment where she thought she liked him, but they're just bros. He tells her nothing happened between him and Judy.

She suggests that if he likes a girl he should just grab her and kiss her - so he does.

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