RIP: Who We Lost in 2011

RIP: Who We Lost in 2011 From the young, talented and gone-way-too-soon (i.e. Amy Winehouse) to legends that forever shaped the face of pop culture (like Elizabeth Taylor), we lost some real greats this year.

We've gotta be honest. Writing about some of these deaths, and sharing with readers in the comments on our Facebook page, it was always fascinating to see whose deaths people were genuinely upset about, and which figures from the past held a warm place in our hearts, even after they'd faded from the spotlight.

From the Overweight Lover Heavy D and Randy "Macho Man" Savage, who always kept us amused and entertained, to true cultural giants like Steve Jobs, who inspired us and made the world a better place, we lost many amazing human beings in 2011.

Like the RIP reel at the Oscars, we know we've missed some very important people here, but we've focused primarily on entertainment figures whose deaths we've covered.

Yes, we know that Osama Bin Laden was killed, and the Kim Jong Il finally  kicked the bucket, but we're not writing the "Evil Bastards Who Died in 2011" list here, folks.

Read our coverage and remember some of the beloved figures we lost in 2011 below (in no particular order):

Amy Winehouse - Singer

Heavy D - Hip Hop Artist

Elizabeth Taylor - Actress

Steve Jobs - Founder of Apple, Visionary

Ryan Dunn - "Jackass"

Michael Showers- Actor from HBO's "Treme

Betty Ford - Former First Lady, Founder of The Betty Ford Center

Elizabeth Taylor - Actress, Philanthropist

Patrice O'Neal - Comedian

Andy Rooney - "60 Minutes" Commentator, Writer

Janie Lane - Warrant Lead Singer

Andy Whitfield - "Spartacus" Star

Bubba Smith - Football Legend, "Police Academy" Star

Peter Falk - Actor, "Columbo"

Russell Armstrong - Actor "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Clarence Clemons - Musician

Jeff Conaway - Actor, "Grease"

Gil-Scott Heron - Poet, Musician

Randy "Macho Man" Savage - Pro Wrestler, Slim Jim Spokesman

Gerard Smith - Musician, TV on the Radio

Tim Hetherington - Photographer, Filmmaker "Restrepo"

Nate Dogg - Hip Hop Artist

Jane Russell - Actress, Sex Symbol

Pete Postlethwaite - Actor

Who's missing from this list? Who will you miss the most? Let us know in the comments.