2012 MTV Movie Awards Take A Ratings Hit

2012 MTV Movie Awards Take A Ratings Hit Though they get their due for having some surprisingly interesting moments, Sunday night's 2012 MTV Movie Awards put numbers that left something to be desired.

The carefree atmosphere is a welcome break every year from awards galas built on smuggery and decorum, but even Russell Brand's natural unpredictable-raunch factor didn't bolster ratings. Deadline reports that last night's show delivered a 2.8 rating among the targeted 12-34 year old adult demographic, on the backs of 3.2 million viewers. Yikes. In perspective, a standard episode of "American Idol" often draws more than that.

Then again, let's be completely fair. Last night wasn't exactly a completely fair fight.

After all, there was some competition from HBO's "Game Of Thrones" second-season finale. It's 4.2-million audience was the biggest in the show's history, and apparently cemented it as statistically the third-most-watched series in HBO's history.

Those who did tune in caught some memorable moments. Johnny Depp rocked out with The Black Keys, and held his own doing it. Christian Bale broke down in a rare sentimental moment during an exclusive-premiere clip from "The Dark Knight Rises" - both in remembrance of late "The Dark Knight" co-star and Oscar winner Heath Ledger and because he's publicly expressed great fondness for playing Batman. And most importantly, Jennifer Lawrence showed us why Joel McHale shouldn't be allowed within 100 feet of a bow.

Those who stayed tuned to MTV after the show were met with the premiering second season of "Teen Wolf." It also slipped, netting 2.1 million viewers and a 2.0 rating, down 5 percent from the series premiere a year ago. Producers are probably drying their tears with their $10.5 million California production tax credit awarded today.

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