Is '30 Rock' Reboot on the Way?

Is '30 Rock' Reboot on the Way?

NBC is reportedly excited about the idea of filling its schedule with new versions of old shows, and 30 Rock is apparently one of them. That is, if you could consider 30 Rock an "old" series, given that it ended its initial run just five years ago. But apparently NBC execs think that's long enough for nostalgia to set in, because Jane Krakowski, one of the show's stars, says a 30 Rock reboot is definitely on the table.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.

30 Rock wrapped a successful, seven-season run on NBC in January 2013. Now, more than five years later, beloved sitcoms of the past are finding new life amid Hollywood's reboot frenzy — and Jane Krakowski is hoping Liz Lemon and the cast of TGS With Tracy Jordan are next in line.

"[A revival] would be a dream come true. We all had the greatest time on that show," Krawkowski told The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday, while supporting 30 Rock creator and co-star Tina Fey at the opening night of Mean Girls on Broadway.

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Although nothing is set in stone, the actress said that "there's definitely been talk and conversations" about the cast — which includes Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jack McBrayer, Judah Friedlander and Katrina Bowden — reuniting for more episodes. "I know it's something the fans would love and we would love," she added.

"We all say over and over again that working on that show was probably the best experience we're ever going to have in our careers, as far as creativity goes," Krakowski said of her time on the Emmy-winning series from Lorne Michaels. "We're still so proud of the writing and the great characters. It was such a success and all of those things were amazing."

Krakowski would be particularly interested to see what her delightfully narcissistic character, Jenna Maroney, is up to in 2018. "Right now, [reboots are] the trend," she said. "And I would be thrilled if the trend continued over into 30 Rock."

Earlier this month, NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt spoke about the possibility of bringing back some of the network's legacy shows following the successful return of Will & Grace, which has already been renewed for two more seasons though 2020. In addition to Roseanne's massive return to ABC, broadcast's reboot craze includes the forthcoming modern iterations of CBS' Murphy Brown and Cagney & Lacey, the latter of which is in the pilot stage.

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