'30 Rock' Season 6, Episode 14 Recap - 'Kidnapped By Danger'

'30 Rock' Season 6, Episode 14 - 'Kidnapped By Danger' That TV movie that Jack came up with in the previous episode is indeed going to happen, and it may be the greatest TV movie ever made. Why? Well, mostly because guest star William Baldwin plays the actor who plays Jack, which means you have Billy Baldwin doing an Alec Baldwin impression. That's amazing.

Then, of course, there's the title of "Kidnapped by Danger" and the bit of the finale we see that has a Korean freeze ray. Can't argue with that.

Jack's struggle this episode, though, is with Avery's mother Diana, played by the cougartastic Mary Steenburgen, who appeared in an earlier episode and totally has a thing for Jack. Thus, it's up to Liz to be "the blocker" and make sure the two don't sleep together, just like she did with her poor parents.

Meanwhile, in a storyline that is so awesome and nerdy it made me pee myself, Jenna sets out to write an un-parody-able song with Tracy. This is because Weird Al Yankovic parodied Jenna's song for the "Kidnapped by Danger" soundtrack, and Jenna isn't having it, but Weird Al is untouchable legally.

The two come up with the solution: write a song about pizza and farts, and Weird Al won't be able to parody it, because it's already really weird. But that backfires when Jenna performs the song on Jimmy Fallon's show, and Weird Al manages to "Normal Al" it by turning it into a patriotic song about bringing the troops home. And that, friends, is how the lyrics "farts so loud" were turned into "hearts so proud," and both were sung on this show.

It looks like the Saga of Kenneth will continue, as he is unable to simply get his page job back and have everything be normal again. Instead, Kenneth gets a job working as a janitor, and in a moment of truth with Jack, explains that he lies to himself every morning. Is the Kenneth facade finally breaking? What character will we end up with if it does? I'm intrigued.

Notes & Quotes:

- And now, "30 Rock" will have inspired at least two Halloween costumes this year: Leap Day William and Mitt Zombie.

- "I'm not a writer, but... do that."

- Kenneth's squeak after "I lie to myself."

- All the slogans for Pride Pads: "Every room is a bathroom," "The world is your bathroom," and "Have a private sewer in your pants."