'30 Rock' Season 6, Episode 18 Recap - 'Murphy Brown Lied To Us'

'30 Rock' Season 6, Episode 18 Recap - 'Murphy Brown Lied To Us' It feels like there's been a lot of Jenna lately. Like, a LOT. And considering she may be the one character who has changed the least over the past six seasons, she should probably be used in very small doses.

This episode, she's storming around having a fake celebrity meltdown in order to get Paul back. Unfortunately the gags here don't work particularly well: the Kanye interruption of the spelling bee was clever, but also about two years too late.

Eventually Jenna gets Paul back... he was dressed as a nurse in the hospital room that she was staying in. So... yay, I guess?

The real meat is with Jack and Liz. Jack is having serious problems with his Kabletown Kouches, as the American workers he hired to make this American product are terrible at their jobs ("I'm not much of a math guy," says the head engineer). The result is a couch that causes so much pain that it puts people into a stress position and tortures them into giving up secrets. In fact, the U.S. Military ends up buying them up and using them to get intel, which includes info on how to get Avery back. Will she return for the live episode?

Liz is still pretty happy with Criss (and why not, with all those gay porn jokes), but Jack nonetheless sets her up on a date with Kevin. Criss agrees to it just so that they can prove Jack wrong, and sure enough, Kevin is a douchebag. His daughter, Kat, is a delight though. She's a mini Liz, complete with the smarts and the quirks.

As it turns out, Jack just wanted Liz to meet her in order to help convince her not to give up on this whole baby thing. In Jack's eyes, Liz has a duty to her country to make more Liz Lemons, since the rest of us American bozos aren't doing much to help anything.

Is it baby time again? As Liz says, "life is happening!" And with the show possibly (probably) ending after next season, it might be time for Liz to finally be happy.

Notes & Quotes:

- "Has anyone ever known a good person named Kevin?"

- "and her friends... concerned."

- Ethan Allan's outfit.

- "Jenna, I've been thinking." "Why? You're famous!"

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