'30 Rock' Season 6, Episode 21 Recap - 'The Return of Avery Jessup'

'30 Rock' Season 6, Episode 21 Recap - 'The Return of Avery Jessup' Avery's back! Elizabeth Banks' appearances have been ever so brief while Avery was in North Korea with Kim Jong Il, but they were always funny. Because Elizabeth Banks is funny. And now we get more of her. It's a good thing.

It should be a good thing for Jack, too, but he's spending all of his time wondering whether Avery was faithful while she was gone. When she shows up, she makes a point of telling Jack that no matter what he did while she was away, "all is forgiven." That seriously freaks Jack out. What does she mean? Is it a trick? What did she do that she's willing to forgive him?

His fears are amplified when he meets Scott Scottsman, another American news anchor who was also kidnapped by Kim Jong Il (he did sports coverage). Convinced that Scott and Avery had a thing, Jack attempts to reveal his own indiscretions in order to guilt Avery into admitting hers.

That backfires, though, when Avery reveals that she was playing Jack all along to get him to reveal everything he did. And he does, too: he tells her about kissing Avery's mother and about wearing her nightgowns because they were comfortable.

Meanwhile, Criss and Liz have their own issues, as they fret about their gender roles. Liz is the breadwinner, which makes Criss feel weird since he has to ask for money to work on his renovation. Then there's the whole question as to whether or not they're going to have a baby (or plant), which adds extra pressure on Criss to be a provider for his family. Eventually Criss stands up for himself, and things are sorta solved for now.

Jenna spends the episode fretting about who will endorse her wedding. At first she lands the Southern Tourism Bureau, but has an identity crisis when she tries to get her southern-ness back. Then she tries for some English biscuits, but lapses into her Southern accent when doing the commercial and gets fired. Eventually she realizes that she's just like her knockoff Christian Dior shoes: classy on the outside, but secretly trashy. Duh.

The episode ends with Avery and Jack deciding to renew their vows, which Liz opposes, saying it's the kiss of death for relationships. Will this mean the end of Jack and Avery?

Notes & Quotes:

- "America's credit rating was downgraded to Triple Fart Minus"

- "...and yet you're silent about Grant"

- "Are you crying because there are no roles for actresses over 40, nor should there be?"

- "Siri, bring Jessica Tandy back to life"

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