'30 Rock' Season 6, Episode 22 Recap - 'What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?'

'30 Rock' Season 6, Episode 22 Recap - 'What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?' The finale, also known as the time when Liz usually loses her boyfriend. Will that be the case with Criss? Will Jack and Avery make it? What will happen to the gang next year?

That title is a little mini commentary on the future of "30 Rock," as the show has officially been read its last rites. Next season will give "30 Rock" a half-season episode order, and allow it to finish up on its own terms. After that, cancellation. Sad.

But that's all the more reason for good things to be happening to our characters, right? We start with Criss and Liz, who continue to have some issues. Liz is freaking out about the baby thing still, and is even getting a little too attached to plants. Criss, meanwhile, is trying very hard to make his hot dog van work, but it's just not happening.

Liz freaks out even more when she sees a news report that has Criss' van tearing away from a bank robbery. She finds him and tells him that she'll take the fall for it, before he reveals that he sold the van earlier that morning to pay for the renovations. In that, Liz realizes that she isn't going to bail on Criss; in fact, she would totally Thelma and Louise (or Bonnie and Clyde) with him. They decide to adopt/have a baby after all.

Even Kenneth and Hazel find love in this finale, as Hazel crashes at Kenneth's place for a while before Kenneth realizes that she was sabotaging him from getting back into the page program. Eventually, they make out. It's pretty weird.

Tracy spends the episode looking for an African-American role model after he's lauded by the Aryan Patriot Party. Grizz and Dot-Com take him to the civil rights museum, where Tracy has the wrong kind of epiphany: he decides his idol is Tyler Perry, and he's going to start his own movie studio. Oh noooooo!

Jack and Avery have a big episode as well: they're set on renewing their vows, despite warnings from Liz that it's a terrible idea and an indication that there are deeper problems. Things hit another snag when Jack discovers a secret code that Avery and Scott were tapping to each other during their captivity. When he deciphers it (of course he did), he finds out the truth: Avery did have a fling with Scott in North Korea.

Despite all this, Scott, Avery's mother, and even Kim Jong Il himself refrain from speaking out at the vow renewal, which causes Jack and Avery to expose their own issues. There, on the spot, they have Liz divorce them. I don't think it works that way, but whatever.

So, in our post mortem, Criss and Liz seem to be the real thing, while Jack and Avery are dunzo. And I guess Hazel and Kenneth are an item?

Notes & Quotes:

- "Hey, I don't bail! I am still watching 'Smash,' Criss!"


- "Planty, no! ...I don't care about that."

- "She isn't a bitch... she's a meaniepants!"