35 Things We Love About Reese Witherspoon, On Her 35th Birthday! (Add To Our List)

Reese Witherspoon celebrates her 35th birthday today!

From her gorgeous smile to the support she gives to breast cancer research, to getting to kanoodle on-screen with RPattz, Witherspoon is a Yidio favorite. She is currently out promoting her forthcoming film "Water for Elephants," which hits theaters April 22nd.

In honor of her big day, we are listing 35 things we love about the Hollywood star.

35 Things We Love About Reese...

  1. Her gorgeous smile
  2. Her support for campaigns against domestic violence
  3. The class she exudes every day
  4. Her knack for dating hunky Hollywood guys
  5. Every minute of her onscreen as Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde"
  6. The role model she is for her children
  7. The fact that she gets to kiss Robert Pattinson in "Water For Elephants" (well we're more jealous than anything but...)
  8. That Reese is always willing to speak her mind
  9. Her timeless sense of style
  10. Those blonder-than-blonde locks
  11. The fact that she was born Laura Jeanne from New Orleans
  12. Her role as Annette in "Cruel Intentions" - every good girl has a naughty side
  13. That she sang and played an instrument as June Carter Cash in "Walk the Line"
  14. The way she juggles her career and motherhood
  15. Her Nina Ricci gown at the 2007 Oscars
  16. The way she goes for the hometown boy in "Sweet Home Alabama"
  17. Her support for breast cancer research
  18. Her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  19. Her 3 ELLE magazine covers
  20. The fact that she doesn't look 35!
  21. That she is uber-confident
  22. Even though she's a star, she's very down-to-earth
  23. Her movies have a feel-good quality
  24. Her Southern accent
  25. She donated proceeds from her Barbie to the Children's Defense Fund
  26. You never see Reese misbehaving
  27. She can be gorgeous and still be SMART!
  28. Reese manages to maintain a positive outlook even through adversity
  29. She has been in the acting business for 20 years and is still on top of her game
  30. Those beautiful baby blues
  31. Her yellow strapless Nina Ricci stunner at the 2007 Academy Awards
  32. Reese's work with the Afghanistan Relief Organization
  33. She is elegant and graceful
  34. Her sense of humor - she can laugh at herself
  35. That not one person had a bad thing to say about her, Happy Birthday!

We want Reese fans to tell us their favorite things about the actress too. We've gotten started with 20 things we like about her, go to our Facebook page and tell us what you dig about Reese and we will add it to the list!