Are 4-D Movies the Next Big Thing?

I am admittedly not a fan of 3D movies. Generally the movie isn't enhanced by 3D effects enough to warrant sitting in a theater with cheap plastic glasses on one's face for two hours (or three, if you're seeing "Avatar"). But 4D movies? Now we might be on to something.

Apparently, a company in South Korea wants to provide America with fully equipped 4D theaters over the next couple of years. What exactly does 4D entertainment entail? Well, these theaters would feature moving chairs that vibrate (the official term seems to be "back ticklers," which just sounds dirty), strobe lights, and nozzles that can spray anything from a refreshing mist to bubbles to any of 1,000 different scents.

For those of you in a huff about the fact that "4D" is a misnomer seeing as these added attractions are sensations and not dimensions, direct your anger toward any of the Smell-o-Vision movies or "Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World," which helped coin the "4D" label.

Of course, with these added attractions come added expenses: tickets for a 4D movie would likely cost an extra $8. So how about it, folks? Would you shell out an extra $8 to smell the burning rubber at the next "The Fast and the Furious" movie or the scent of Magic Mike's thong?

*Editor's note: Magic Mike's thong is not an approved scent in said 4D theaters.