8 Kisses That Changed Television

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, and inspired by the latest episode of "New Girl", let's take a look back at some of the biggest game-changing kisses in television. These kisses have somehow all altered the course and direction of a show, and are usually highly anticipated, yet never expected.

In no particular order:

Leonard and Penny - "The Big Bang Theory"

Leonard and Penny had shared a few kisses now and then, but there wasn’t one quite as impactful as when Leonard returned from the North Pole in season 3. The kiss marked the beginning of their on-again off-again relationship, which shaped the dynamics for the rest of the series.

8 Kisses That Changed Television

Booth and Bones - "Bones"

Although Booth and Bones shared a kiss before the series began, it was revealed in the same episode as the revelatory kiss where Booth admits he wants to give their relationship another shot. Bones turns him down. After a few more seasons of sexual tension, Bones reveals she is pregnant after an off-screen fling with Booth, kick starting their continuing relationship.

Buffy and Spike - "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

Buffy and Spike started out as enemies before becoming allies. Spike unrequitedly falls in love with Buffy and tries his damnedest to get her to admit her feelings for him. It wasn’t until he was tortured to near death, protecting Buffy and her sister, that Buffy shared a true kiss with him. From that moment on, they fought side-by-side. It eventually evolved into a very love-hate relationship, ultimately ending in heartbreak.

Chuck and Sarah - "Chuck"

Sarah was assigned to protect Chuck, and masqueraded as his girlfriend, but Chuck fell for her. While Sarah was a little more hesitant to admit her feelings, they eventually share their first real kiss. Their feelings towards each other continue to grow, before ultimately getting married. However, it leads towards a very bittersweet, yet debatable, ending.

Rachel and Ross - "Friends"

Perhaps one of the most popular relationships of them all, Rachel and Ross shared their first real kiss after Rachel leaves Ross a drunken declaration of love on his answering machine. This kiss leads to the ultimate rollercoaster ride of relationship troubles. Ultimately, they have a daughter together, and it is heavily implied they get married.

Lorelai and Luke - "Gilmore Girls"

Lorelai and Luke’s whole history is a collection of missed opportunities. After a failed marriage, Luke realizes he’s in love with Lorelai, and she seems him in a different light. After some arguing, they share their first true kiss. Their relationship heats up as they eventually get engaged, however it doesn’t last long. Lorelai leaves Luke and ends up marrying another man, but that doesn’t last for long either. The two repair their relationship, and the series ends on a happy note.

Barney and Robin - "How I Met Your Mother"

Despite enjoying an occasional casual hookup or two, Barney and Robin finally share a passionate kiss, after skirting around their true feelings about each other. They go on to have a rocky relationship, and Barney eventually proposes. It’s unknown if they will actually get married, but it sure looks good.

Emma and Graham - "Once Upon a Time"

Emma and Graham didn’t get a chance for a romantic relationship, but their sparkling kiss revealed to audiences that the curse on Storybrook could be broken. Graham was the first to remember, all thanks to Emma. But that revelation was short-lived as he was killed moments later. Goes to show you the power of a kiss.

So there you have it. Has your favorite ground-breaking kiss been left out?

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