ABC Considers Bringing 'Avengers' to Television, But What Can We Expect?

Given the wild success of box-office busting “The Avengers,” it’s no surprise that television studio ABC has made first dibs on adapting the film into a prime time television series.

While still just “a kernel of an idea,” this will not be the first time Marvel has tried to make the transition to small screen, without great results. Paul Lee, ABC’s entertainment president, remains optimistic about airing a “Hulk” drama, but declared it was not quite ready to air this season. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

But despite that somewhat underwhelming endeavor, Marvel, this time pairing with Disney for the “Avengers” project, is hopeful about ABC’s ability to bring a series to life.

The show would be shot in live-action, and combine movies “Iron Man,” “Thor,” “Captain America,” and “The Incredible Hulk” when considering the fictional world wherein the show is set. However, no promises on the delivery of the characters we have grown to love and lust over.

Instead the series will work with new characters and plotlines, and, I’m afraid, sans Joss Whedon. The stories will most likely have little relation with the heavy-hitting superheroes of the actual flick.

Some suggestions of the show’s premise have included a “cop” themed drama, because we probably don’t have enough cop dramas on prime time television.

While the show will probably have an automatic audience within adolescent boys hoping for a glimpse of Scarlett Johansson, will anyone really want to watch an “Avengers” program that doesn’t feature any of our beloved Avengers?

Interest in the movie on the Internet has been lukewarm at best, and without the promise of quippy Iron Man (read: Robert Downey Jr.) and his companions (all the other hot dudes), we won’t be surprised if this project will get be heaved so hard you'll think it's Black Widow's bosom.

Hit the floor like a Hulk punch? Fly out the window faster than Hawkeye's arrows?


Well, you get the idea.