Again, AMC Splits Next 'The Walking Dead' Season

Again, AMC Splits Next 'The Walking Dead' Season Maybe it's just a curse of when "The Walking Dead" premieres.

It seems a little unfortunate that, unlike other AMC originals like "Mad Men" whose seasons run continuously from start to finish, fans have to endure a few zombie-free weeks in the dead of winter. But alas, that's the price we pay to have a horror thriller's 16-episode season premiere in October just in time for Halloween.

Once more, AMC will be splitting up "The Walking Dead" and leaving everybody one more reason to clamor for the holiday season to get itself over with.

Creator Robert Kirkman tweeted Friday that shooting has wrapped on the 16-episode third season's mid-season finale. To do the math, since the latest season premieres Oct. 14, that means the just-finished episode should be airing in mid-December when many shows take a month or so off to let cast and crew spend the holidays with their families.

Accordingly, as reported by, the next half of the season should begin in early 2013.

That said, Kirkman also tweeted an exterior shot of the Woodbury safe haven reported to be a big part of this season. Bear in mind, in addition, this is also the season that introduces The Prison. This is when Rick and The Governor meet. This is the return of Merle. And oh yes, this is the coming of kitana-wielding, bad-ass slayer of Walkers Michonne.

Face it, folks: if ever there were a season when that several weeks between halves is going to feel like a lifetime, it's this one.