Alec Baldwin Backs Out Of Pre-Taped Emmy Skit

Alec Baldwin Backs Out Of Pre-Taped Emmy Skit Well, gee, let it never be said that Alec Baldwin can't deal with criticism.

Actually, say it. Say it repeatedly. It's absolutely true.

Deadline has broken news that the famously petulant "30 Rock" star pulled out of a planned Emmy Awards appearance because the Fox-broadcast award show producers wouldn't back a joke about Rubert Murdoch and the UK-News Corp phone-hacking scandal that he wanted included in his skit.

"Fox did kill my NewsCorp hacking joke. Which sucks bc I think it would have made them look better. A little," Baldwin tweeted.

Word is that Baldwin was working with writers on his script, but requested that producers cut the pre-taped skit entirely when he learned they wouldn't include his jab.

People defending Baldwin claim he believed the skit wouldn't work without that particular reference. Leonard Nimoy ultimately replaced Baldwin, who would be missing the ceremony anyway because of a prior commitment to Tony Bennett's New York birthday party.

For the third year running, Baldwin is nominated to take home hardware for Best Lead Actor In A Comedy Series for his work on "30 Rock."

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