Alleged 'Iron Man 3' Trailer Description Leaked

(WARNING! Though it couldn't be much more strongly implied by the headline, the following contains probable spoilers. If you adamantly want the trailer left a thrilling surprise, turn back now. First, last, only warning.)

Ain't It Cool News purports to have an inside track from a contributor named Dr. Evil on a forthcoming Disney/Marvel trailer for May 2013's "Iron Man 3." Even the site isn't treating it as gospel truth, but there's a statement of faith behind it.

"[Dr. Evil] outlined the circumstances in which he witnessed this material - and it seems highly, highly probably that the information herein is legit, and the represents a trailer being considered for Shane Black's forthcoming picture," a pre-recap disclaimer reads. "Nonetheless, take this with a grain of salt, as Dr. Evil is a first-time contributor, and many variations of trailers might be mulled between now and the time material arrives on computer, television, and theater screens."

What follows contains descriptions of the fallout from the events of "The Avengers" on Tony Stark's psyche. Therefore, there are some implied spoilers. Consider this a last chance to turn back and maintain excited, curious anticipation.

All the rest of you, on the other hand....

"It opens with a voiceover of Tony Stark talking about how the events of New York [I'm assuming the 'Avengers' movie] changed him, and how he's just not 'into it' anymore. First scene is Iron Man with battle damage, laying down amid rubble and taking [off] his faceplate to show a bleeding Stark. Scenes of him arguing with Pepper Potts in the armory [cool shots of alternative Iron Man suits including the red, white and blue one we've seen already], press conferences, Tony looking solemn, Tony talking with someone who looks like a psychiatrist, and a short shot of Don Cheadle in military uniform [no War Machine in the preview]. Also one scene of who I presume is The Mandarin, forcefully landing and cracking the ground. However, it looked like a silver Iron Man. I was unable to tell in the brief view who it was [maybe due to unfinished CGI].

"We then get a voiceover from Ben Kingsley, talking about how there are no heroes and how he will teach everyone, especially Stark, a lesson. This is over scenes of the alternative suits getting blown up, Stark going into surgery, and a fleet of helicopters launching missiles which blow Stark's home up and apart [the CGI looked nearly finished] and sending Stark and Pepper into the sea below. Then a close-up of Kingsley with no helmet in the Mandarin armor.

"It ends with Iron Man underwater swimming towards what looks like his 'heart reactor thing.' Then the logo, then Stark walking in the snow dragging a large bag, then the logo again.

"All and all, a somber trailer, dark and humorless, which seemed more in tone with 'The Dark Knight Rises' than with any of the other Iron Man movies or 'The Avengers'."

Interesting stuff.

Bear in mind, this is the first step in building toward 2015's "The Avengers 2." Following "Iron Man 3" later in 2013 is "Thor: The Dark World," which is just now revving up production. Then in 2014 comes "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and the rebooted "Guardians of the Galaxy."

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle and Gwyneth Paltrow, "Iron Man 3" comes to theaters May 3, 2013.