Alternate Reality Game Reveals 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Web-Shooters

Have you visited yet?

If you haven't, go get caught up. Play the website's viral alternate-reality game (ARG), and be rewarded with a good, long at Spider-Man's bread-and-butter weapon against New York's criminal element.

The photoblog debuted yesterday, and today, Superhero Hype has the scoop revealing the progression from "Parker's" concept sketches and blueprints of his web-shooters, to 3D computer renderings, to stills of Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) personally assembling the wrist-bound projectile weapons. If you haven't the time to paruse the site's puzzels revealing the keys to glimpse the teaser images, then scroll a bit downward to see all the stills.

The images may help instill some faith in the revamping from fans. Call it nitpicking, but more than a few fans were a bit put-off that Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker/Spider-Man of the original trilogy could organically produce webbing and fire it from his wrists. It has historically been the standard going back to Spider-Man's origins that it was Parker's existing scientific and engineering acumen that let him build the gadgets that completed his "Spider" persona.

In this iteration rooted in Marvel's more contemporary "Ultimate" universe, Peter Parker gains his powers by following the research of his late parents, a pair of gifted scientists.