Amanda Bynes in (Wait For it) Yet Another Collision

How does this girl still have a license?

Amanda Bynes, the cutie next door we grew up admiring, has apparently turned into a considerable menace on the road, adding to her show of vehicle hatred with yet another collision.

This time, the "Easy A" actress was rear-ended while driving a rental car. Why was she driving a rental? Because her car is still in the shop, recovering from the last accident she was in. This lady hates cars like poison, apparently.

The woman who ran into the peppy blonde on Monday night claims that Bynes “made a dangerous maneuver, causing [her] to break, and bump.”

The police arrived on the scene, but no one was ticketed, which, given Bynes’ history at this point, was a questionable decision.

Bynes has had a string of erratic incidents lately, starting with speeding off from an officer who was attempting to write her a ticket for talking on her cell phone.

Shortly after, the smiley star accumulated a DUI charge after running into a police vehicle, after which she made a special Twitter plea to the President for mercy, asking him to fire the police officer and clear her name.

“I don’t drink… I also don’t hit and run. The end,” she announced.

However, since she refused breathalyzers and blood tests, one must wonder what Bynes was hiding.

She followed that up with another hit and run, where she rear-ended a motorist and took off rather than exchanging information with the driver.

Because, you know. The President doesn’t want her to have to deal with that kind of stuff.