Amanda Bynes Lands DUI Charge After Worst Possible Fender-Bender

Amanda Bynes Lands DUI Charge After Worst Possible Fender-Bender Oh, Amanda Bynes.

Of all the people, tell us you're not on the path to a "Lohan."

The 26-year-old former "All That", "Easy A" and "What a Girl Wants" cutie had one rough Thursday night: Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies arrested Bynes early Friday morning and hit her with a misdemeanor DUI charge after Bynes hit a black-and-white with her BMW, E! Online reports.

Bynes was reportedly making a right turn in West Hollywood around 3 A.M. and trying to pass a vehicle when her Beamer hit an officer's right rear panel. The E! report doesn't specify whether it was a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department vehicle or perhaps an LAPD cruiser. Either way, neither party reported injuries more than a little traded paint.

Though Bynes' bail was assigned $5,000 bail after her arrest when the officer suspected she'd been drinking, she was released this morning without posting bond. She hasn't yet received her first court date.

Her previous actions beg the question, what's gotten into Amanda lately? On March 7, an officer pulled her over and was writing her a citation for talking on her cell phone while driving - a vehicular no-no in California - when she sped off before the officer could finish writing the ticket. She did revisit the police later and signed her citation.

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