Amazon May Pick Up ABC's 'Pan Am'

Amazon May Pick Up ABC's 'Pan Am' With or without ABC, "Pan Am" may live on yet.

There's apparent interest in reviving ABC's jettisoned period airline drama as a streaming-video original series, according to Deadline. ABC burned off its last new episode of the series three months ago, and made its cancelation official about two weeks ago. Just as recently, producer Sony Pictures TV has entered discussions with Amazon - who already streams the show's first season - about adding original episodes to the site's lineup.

If it happens, it wouldn't be unlike deals that have saved or resurrected more than one other favorite. DirecTV extended the respective life spans of NBC's "Friday Night Lights" and FX's "Damages" with similar deals, and those agreements in turn helped the cable provider transition into providing original content like the networks it broadcasts.

Of course, there's also the long-awaited return of "Arrested Development" with a 10-episode new season starting in 2013 on Netflix. By the time those episodes become available, it will have been seven years since the cult FOX favorite's 2006 cancelation.

The online platform could indeed be lucrative. The first-season episodes have reportedly been major download movers on the international market, Deadline reports. The series won the Best Series category at Europe's Rose d'Or Awards - the continent's equivalent to our Emmy Awards.

Despite not finding much traction in its first and only broadcast season, "Pan Am" didn't die alone. It doesn't seem ABC put up much of a fight letting Bill Lawrence's "Cougar Town" immigrate to TBS' prime time lineup. FOX's latest failed sci-fi endeavor "Terra Nova" and ABC's "The River" were both considered by Netflix, but neither ultimately was picked up. CBS' "Unforgettable" has reportedly been pitched to TNT and Lifetime since receiving word it wouldn't be back.

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