AMC Greenlights Two Reality Series, Including Kevin Smith's 'Secret Stash'

AMC has already proven itself to be plenty capable in producing high-quality dramas like "Breaking Bad," "Mad Men" and "The Walking Dead." So where should the network go next? The answer, I guess, is reality TV. I would've gone with comedy, but what do I know?

The network has officially greenlit two new reality series that we've heard whispers about before. One is an interesting project about a security company, and the other is about Kevin Smith's comic book store.

"Secret Stash," the Kevin Smith project, will take place at the filmmaker's comic book shop in New Jersey. The show sounds like it will be traditional reality fare, taking us into a workplace and showing us the interactions with the colorful characters therein. Smith had nothing but glowing things to say about AMC, adding, "As if I didn't love them enough, now they’re putting my friends on TV!"

But it's the other series that really piques my interest. "JJK Security" will center on a private, family-owned security company in Georgia...and not in the middle of Atlanta, either. From the sound of it, the show might take a humorous approach to these characters, even though they probably take themselves very seriously.

To an outside observer, a family-owned security firm that does private investigations or protection on neighborhood watches (no, really, that's what Deadline reports) might come off as having delusions of grandeur.

It is that possibility that makes me excited for the show. It sounds like it could be the "American Movie" of reality TV. For those who never saw "American Movie," it was a documentary about two amateur filmmakers in Wisconsin who were trying--somewhat unsuccessfully--to put together a feature horror film. The result is a beautiful mix of hilarity and sadness as two men who are aiming way too high fall short of their dreams.

While we've had some mockumentary scripted shows such as "The Office" on the air, this might be the first time that a reality show takes the "American Move" approach to its subjects. It just might end up being the "This Is Spinal Tap" of reality TV.