'American Dad!' Preview: Seth MacFarlane Takes A Jab At 'Bones'

'American Dad!' Preview: Seth MacFarlane Takes A Jab At 'Bones' More than any other network, FOX likes a little incestuous ribbing here and there.

That goes double on the Sunday-night animation block. Maybe even triple on any show created by Seth MacFarlane. "Family Guy" writers had a brief and legitimate tete-a-tete with "The Simpsons" staff over who could get away with which knock at the other. And when "Family Guy" returned from cancellation, the very first gag on the very first brand-new episode back on the air involved Peter Griffin rattling off every show FOX had developed and quickly cancelled since killing MacFarlane's beloved first-born show.

So, why not give shows employing real, flesh-and-blood people a little ribbing? This Sunday night's "American Dad!" takes a small swipe at FOX's beloved forensic procedural, "Bones." In this little clip below, Hayley and her boyfriend Jeff just can't keep the late-night racket down. When Stan can't sleep and goes on the warpath at the two, Hayley lays into him about interrupting Jeff's enjoyment of the wacky, mismatched scientist-and-FBI-suit pair. And judging from the sound bite that definitely sounds like "Bones" stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel getting in on the joke, it seems MacFarlane's asute enough to pick up on the thinking behind the title.

This new episode airs March 25 at 9:30 PM ET/PT.

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