'American Horror Story' Promo #14: Slip of the Nun

'American Horror Story' Promo #14: Slip of the Nun The short teasers for "American Horror Story" continue, and they're getting a bit more specific as they go, it seems. What started as an abstract exercise in masked nuns and buckets of meat has evolved into short bits of insight into the types of characters we'll encounter in the second season: tortured inmates, sadistic doctors, and twisted nuns.

With that, though, the teasers have also gotten a lot less scary. Gone are the days of big scares of the early run of teasers, replaced instead with quiet, calm clips that insinuate more about the inner turmoil of characters, rather than going for a quick spook.

The latest teaser has a spooky mood, with its flickering light and empty bed. But there's no big scare here: instead, we see a nun dressed in black enter the frame and remove her clothes to reveal a red silk slip underneath. A bit sexy for a nun, no?

This may be a hint about Jessica Lange's character, Sister Jude, in the new season: it is rumored that she will have a strong sexual desire for Joseph Fiennes' priest character, which for obvious reasons are a no-no. Sex is nothing new for the show, as it played a big role in the first season as well, so it's no surprise that it will play a role here. In fact, Chloe Sevigny's character is in the asylum for sex addiction.

Check out the latest "American Horror Story" teaser, titled "Slipping," below:

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