'American Horror Story' Promo #19: Found You!

'American Horror Story' Promo #19: Found You! It's becoming clearer as we go further into this series of "American Horror Story" season two promos that the inmates in the asylum might not be the crazy ones.

We've heard that Jessica Lange's character, Sister Jude, will take a very aggressive approach to treating the patients... meaning she will be caning them pretty regularly. Ryan Murphy has said that this season is about "angels and devils," and Sister Jude is clearly the latter.

Some of that rings true in the latest "American Horror Story: Asylum" teaser, which shows us a spiral staircase in what looks to be the asylum's chapel. First we get a glimpse of a patient who looks to be hiding, and then a look at the nun pursuing her. The slight shake of the hand on the rail and the horrified look of the patient when she is discovered says it all. Something sinister is going on here.

The season two premiere of "American Horror Story" will premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 10PM on FX. Check out the latest teaser, titled "Spiral," below: