'American Horror Story' Season 2: Watch the First Promo!

'American Horror Story' Season 2: Watch the First Promo! "American Horror Story" is coming back in just a couple of months, and that means that those incredibly creepy promos are back! Last season gave us some looks at Rubber Man and some disturbing images like playing a woman like a cello, and believe me when I say that the first season two promo is no less creepy.

The video was posted to Facebook today, along with the caption "she's dropping more than hints." In the promo, we see a nun, from the back, walking away from the camera with two red buckets in hand. She stops, sets them down, then empties one of them out. It's just far away enough that it's tough to see exactly what's in the bucket, but it's quite easy to imagine that it's a few human pieces. And now, let's collectively shudder, shall we? *Shudder*

The second season will be titled "American Horror Story: Asylum," as the setting for this year is an insane asylum in the 1960's. The nun in this promo likely refers to Jessica Lange's character, who is a nun who works at the asylum.

We also know that this year's Rubber Man will be Bloody Face, who so far has only been spotted as a drawing on a wall in a set photo with season two recurring player Adam Levine.

Check out the first "American Horror Story" season 2 promo below: