'American Idol' Audition Ratings Keep Slipping

'American Idol' Audition Ratings Keep Slipping Anyone else wondering if Randy Jackson's "American Idol" mates would like to slap him for goading karma into action?

The only remaining original U.S. "Idol" judge got pretty snarky before the FOX mainstay started its current 13th season, remarking on ex-"Idol" compatriot's "The X Factor" during the Television Critics Association press tour that "['American Idol' is] the original, we kind of invented this whole game that everybody's now copying, and I say that ['The X Factor'] are copying it, right? . . . Simon's done well with his show, probably not the expectations that he wanted, but you know, we wish him well and you know we've gone on with this and done well."

The face-palm hilarity of one localization's star calling another localization an imitator must be momentarily laid aside. Fact is, the "Idol" ratings have fallen three weeks running.

The premiere was down from a year prior.

The next week, ratings fell again.

This week, the episode highlighting the Portland auditions - which critics cited among the worst performances so far this season, according to Entertainment Weekly - drew 18.2 million viewers and a 5.9 rating among the 18-49 adult demographic. It still won the night - we'll get to the paltry competition momentarily - but that's still a nine-percent slip from last week. FOX's "Idol" lead-in "Mobbed" also drew a nice number, 7.9 million sets of eyes and a 2.9 rating. That's a 123-percent boost (no hyperbole, actual number) just by leading in "Idol."

But let's talk about NBC a moment.

Whitney Cummings has made a deal with Satan barring her show from cancellation. There can be no other explanation. "Whitney" got completely, utterly spanked by a prime-time Super Bowl-commercial special that CBS aired.

More people watched commercials than "Whitney." Old commercials beat a sitcom.

"Whitney?" Watched by 4.4 million people and earning a 1.7 rating. In perspective, that's what "Impact Wrestling" on Spike TV often earns Thursday nights.

CBS' "Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials," on the other hand? That drew 8.7 million viewers and a 2.1 rating.

Donald Glover of "Community," meanwhile? Find him here, teaching the world to love again. "Whitney," you go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.

"Are You There, Chelsea??" didn't do a lot better. It earned 4.1 million viewers and matched the "Whitney" rating. Over on The CW, "One Tree Hill" just keeps on keepin' on in riding into the sunset, with 1.5 million watchers and a 0.7, while "Remodeled" must be the only show in existence that wishes it was "Whitney," watched by 745,000 viewers - yep, that comma is exactly where it belongs - and scoring a 0.3 number.

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