'American Idol' Finalist Jessica Sanchez to Join 'Glee' Season 4 Cast

'American Idol' Finalist Jessica Sanchez to Join 'Glee' Season 4 Cast Are you ready for an "American Idol" to "Glee" cross-over? Is the world ready for that? No seriously, will it cause some kind of musical teenybopper explosion? I'm concerned.

It just might happen: TVLine reports that Sanchez is in talks to join "Glee" season 4 in some capacity. Word is that Sanchez will sign on for a multi-episode arc if the deal becomes a reality.

And it should, as sending Sanchez to "Glee" will probably only benefit both shows. Both "Glee" and "Idol" have been slipping in the ratings, and since both are Fox shows, it would be beneficial to both for a little cross-program publicity. "Glee" would gain one of the strongest young vocalists in recent "Idol" history, and "Idol" would have a chance to showcase some of its talent outside of the show.

A deal to send Sanchez to "Glee" would hinge on Sanchez' "Idol" summer tour obligations, so if she signs on, she won't appear in an episode until later in the season. When she does, though, her youth (Sanchez is 16) would lend to her believably playing a younger high school student.

The only question is this: will Sanchez and her powerful pipes be singing for New Directions, or for one of the competing glee clubs?

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