'American Idol' Finalist Phillip Phillips Awaits Kidney Surgery After Finale

'American Idol' Finalist Phillip Phillips Awaits Kidney Surgery After Finale Just how does one quantify drive like what Phillip Phillips possesses?

As reported by E! Online today, the "American Idol" finalist awaits kidney surgery in his home state of Georgia following tonight's season finale. His health aside, he'll still first complete a New York City press tour whether he wins or loses.

After that, he'll reportedly miss an estimated one or two dates along this summer's "American Idol" concert tour.

Though one who's missed most of the season wouldn't know it from the show-stealing rendition of Billy Joel's "Movin' Out" that might've vaulted him over Jessica Sanchez Tuesday night, Phillips' health has been (pardon the pun) an X-factor all season. Severe abdominal pain rushed him to the hospital this past March, where his kidney issues were caught. However, he's put off surgery to keep chasing the prized contract.

Health issues don't exactly present an "Idol" first. Top-six contestant Casey Abrams was hospitalized twice last season with intestinal issues. Before her, Crystal Bowersox's diabetes created complications the season before. Though David Cook won season seven, it wasn't without treatment along the way for high blood pressure.

It's a pressure-packed environment that could make any body act wonky, and the risk goes up with a pre-existing condition. Though he may very well rightfully be this season's most talented, deserving possible winner anyway, knowledge of what he's enduring to see the competition all the way through can't hurt voters' takes on Phillips.