'American Idol' Video Watch the Top 7's Best Performances Recap

American Idol Top 7 Jessica With the exception of one contestant, the performances from the top 7 on Wednesday night's "American Idol" weren't anything to get too excited about. There was one standing ovation for Joshua (perhaps deserved, perhaps not), and a great deal of praise for Jessica, but otherwise the performances were just solid. Unfortunately, at this point in the competition, "solid" doesn't always cut it.

So who were the standouts? The aforementioned Jessica Sanchez was the best of the night, performing "Stuttering," a difficult song that showed off Jessica's tremendous control. Joshua Ledet also gave a good performance of Bruno Mars' "Runaway Baby," which was exceptionally energetic for the usually laid-back Joshua.

Colton Dixon put out a nice arrangement of "Love the Way You Lie" that had the judges very impressed (and of course the audience went nuts... or the girls did at least). While Skylar and Elise got positive feedback, neither gave a performance that would necessarily stand out.

Phillip and Hollie were the only two to get negative comments, as Phillip's rendition of "Give a Little More" didn't have much of a build to it, and Hollie was once again too technical with her performance of Pink's "Perfect."

Check out the best solo performances of the night below. Who do you think gave the best performance?

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