'American Idol' Winner Phillip Phillips Debuts Music Video for 'Home'

Well ladies, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the first music video from dreamy southern boy and "American Idol" season 11 winner Phillip Phillips has hit the Web. The bad news is that he has a girlfriend, and she's in the video. Sorry.

That aside, it's been an exciting week for fans of Phillips: his first single, "Home," has already sold 500,000 copies to date according to THR, but is set to sell at least 200,000 more just this week. Why the big boost? The answer lies with NBC: the network has been using "Home" to go along with coverage of the women's gymnastics team, in an Olympics that is earning solid ratings. When a billion people hear your song, you're bound to get some downloads.

So, now seems as good a time as any to release the music video for "Home," which indeed happened today. The video is a quiet and contemplative one, much like the singer himself: there's not a lot of flash to it, but there's a sentimental nature in there that fits the song and Phillips' own personality.

The video was shot in part during the national "American Idol" tour, hence the footage of Phillips playing to large crowds. And yes, Phillips' longtime girlfriend Hannah Blackwell makes an appearance or two in the video. But Phillips sees it this way: "“If girls like me ‘cause I’m cute, and they find out I have a girlfriend or something and they don’t like me then, it wasn’t about the music," he said. "So I’d rather be all about the music. I’d rather not be successful being that way, than being cute and being successful."

Not bad for a guy who won "American Idol" on his looks.

Check out the music video for Phillip Phillips' "Home" below: