'America's Got Talent' Scandal! Contestant Steals Photo of Soldier, Says It's Him

'America's Got Talent' Scandal! Contestant Steals Photo of Soldier, Says It's Him Reality shows are known to adjust events through editing and add to backstories in order to make things more interesting. Vocal competition shows are no exception, as "The X Factor" had its share of scandal in its first season, bringing out fake contestants to do pre-planned bits and having one of their contestants possibly lie about her past professional successes.

But even with all that, the latest reality show lie goes a bit too far.

"America's Got Talent" contestant Timothy Poe was a hit at his audition: the stuttering singer won the hearts of the audience through his performance, and earned some brownie points for having served in the military. "AGT" even showed a picture of himself in uniform to prove it.

There's just one problem: the picture that Poe showed isn't of him. The picture is of another soldier, Staff Sgt. Norman Bone of El Paso, Texas.

At first look, the fault seems to like with "AGT," as the segment includes a number of photos from Afghanistan that look to be stock military photos. However, the show's production company claims that Poe provided the picture himself, and it was used "on good faith."

Going a step further, a representative from the Minnesota National Guard notes that while Poe was deployed in Afghanistan for a month in 2009, there is no record of him having taken a grenade, as he claims he did. He was not awarded a Purple Heart either, which he certainly would have for sustaining an injury while protecting a fellow soldier.

Staff Sgt. Bone, for his part, told TMZ that he is "absolutely furious" and is pursuing legal action.

Check out the picture at the U.S. Department of Defense website, and watch Poe's audition below. Do you think he's lying?