And Soon the Darkness Movie Review

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In the thriller-horror 'And Soon the Darkness' hitting theatres December 17th, 2010, Stephanie and Ellie are two young American women who decide to take an exciting vacation to a stunningly exotic village in remote Argentina. The role of Ellie and Stephanie are played by Odette Yustman and Amber Heard respectively. They are looking for a wonderful “girls’ getaway”, wanting to bask in the spectacular countryside, glorious sunshine, shop and get flirty with the local hunks. After spending a long, lively night of boozing and bar-hopping, the women start a fight and severe argumentation. Angry Stephanie decides to leave the place and set out alone to cool down in the morning.

However, with her coming back later she is puzzled to find that Ellie has managed to disappear from the place. Finding the indications of a serious struggle Stephanie dreadfully imagines the worst and immediately contacts the police asking for help. However, with their hands full of different problems to solve the local authority does not seem to be of any help.

The girls report of dealing with a host of unsolved mystery kidnappings that target young female vacationers. Stephanie becomes increasingly skeptical about the competency of the sheriff. She asks for assistance from Michael. Staying at the same hotel Michael reveals that he is an American ex-patriot. Stephanie along with Michael decides to take a journey around the area to search for Ellie.

In the course of their frantic search, Stephanie realizes that blindly trusting the seemingly superior intentions of Michael can haul her father away from the frightening truth. Time runs out and the danger keeps on mounting. Stephanie has to find out the details of Ellie before the she loses the clues and then darkness falls.

This film has been rated R.

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