Andy Samberg Brings CEO, Marky Mark And Nicholas Cage To Harvard

Andy Samberg Brings CEO, Marky Mark And Nicholas Cage To Harvard OK, stop me if you've heard this one before: Mark Wahlberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Nicholas Cage and Andy Samberg walk into a commencement address...

What's that? Oh, you WERE at the exercises for the Harvard University graduating class of 2012? Got it. Well, there's still this great joke about the Seven Dwarves touring the Vatican...

When one really thinks about who's addressed various graduating classes the last several springs, it gets harder and harder to attach any significance to the actual speaker. Once, schools selected great minds with great wisdom earned in the making of great accomplishments. Now? One of "Dick in a Box" guys will offer parting advice to the nation's next great leaders.

So, the first thing these elite minds should do to ensure success after receiving their expensive, hard-earned degrees is.....cut a hole in a box?

And yet, there he was. Harvard's departing graduates were treated to Andy Samberg's impressions of Mark Wahlberg, Mark Zuckerberg and Nicholas Cage.

Having experienced a graduation exercise or two, I know very well just how engaged many waiting graduates typically aren't. They just want the degree, all the waiting cash gifts from loved ones and perhaps a decent-paying job offer. Still, think of the many national leaders and titans of industry that an institution such as Harvard has produced.

The school can't be so hard-up for attention that it would actually forego a substantive mind addressing its students in favor of this generation's Adam Sandler.



Sure, some have been addressed by presidents, legislators, CEOs and laureates. But only this generation's speaker proudly jizzed in his pants.

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