Andy Samberg's 5 Best SNL Digital Shorts (VIDEO)

Andy Samberg's 5 Best SNL Digital Shorts (VIDEO) As we reported a few days ago, "Saturday Night Live" cast member Andy Samberg will be leaving the show, along with Kristen Wiig. That's two heavy blows to the sketch show, as the two are possibly the strongest performers on the current SNL roster.

But Samberg's departure might have even more of an impact on SNL, despite Wiig's incredible (and honestly, probably superior) character abilities, for one simple reason: the Digital Shorts.

Ever since Samberg began the weekly segment, which consisted of a pre-taped sketch that often involved music, special effects, or use of celebrity cameos, SNL had a valuable viral nature to it. The Digital Shorts would be shared online far more than any single sketch would, particularly because they seemed to be born of the YouTube era.

With that in mind, here are Andy Samberg's 5 best Digital Shorts:

Chronicles of Narnia (Lazy Sunday)

This rap sketch was probably the first to truly go viral, though you could argue the same for Natalie Portman's rap. In any case, this hilarious video features Samberg and castmate Chris Parnell rapping about an enjoyable afternoon, and remains one of the best Shorts to date.

D*** in a Box

Lazy Sunday may have been the first Digital Short to go viral, but D*** in a Box was the first to become a phenomenon. The video helped solidify Justin Timberlake as a quality SNL guest in hosting or cameo capacity, and also launched The Lonely Island, Samberg's musical comedy trio.

Great Day

This one was overlooked, I think. It embodies everything that makes the Digital Shorts the hits that they are: it's edgy, it's catchy, and it's totally strange. The fact that the Digital Shorts can be hilarious and terrifying at the same time is part of what makes them so awesome.

J*** In My Pants

Again: edgy, catchy, hilarious, not terrifying per se, but pretty gross. This one was another phenomenon, and chances are good that even if you don't watch SNL, you caught this video at some point. It might just be The Lonely Island's biggest hit. I don't know what that says about us.

I Just Had Sex

Okay, so this whole list could have been Lonely Island songs. I admit it. I'm trying to be fair and include some others. But this one is just too good. A victory song about having sex is great enough on its own, but when you add in the surprisingly funny Akon, cameos from Jessica Alba and Blake Lively, and lyrics like "it felt so good when I did it with my penis," and you have one of the best Digital Shorts ever. Plus, it's a commentary on the general overcharged sexuality of pop music. But it's mostly great because of the penis jokes.

Honorable Mentions:

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