Anne Hathaway Wants To Play Chris Colfer's Lesbian Aunt On Glee

Anne Hathaway Glee Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that Anne Hathaway, star of Love and Other Drugs, expressed interest in starring in the hit TV musical as Chris Colfer’s lesbian aunt.

According to Murphy, Hathaway presented the whole episode and she even came up with the songs.

The Glee co-creator said, "I love her and would definitely be interested.”

Meanwhile, Murphy’s co-creator Brad Falchuk, also spoke to THR about the Super Bowl episode of Glee and he proudly said that Katie Couric will guest star on the show and the episode has the biggest budget so far.

Falchuk said, “It's huge. There's pretty intense makeup, a couple of unexpected kisses in there. A huge number with flaming whips, BMX bikes."

In a separate interview with MTV, Lea Michele expressed her excitement for the return of Country Strong actress Gwyneth Paltrow as guest on the show.

Michele said, "I'm excited. Anything with Gwyneth is great."  Paltrow will reprise her role as Holly Holiday, a substitute sex education teacher.

Paltrow’s upcoming Glee episode will be centered on a romantic story line where Holly Holiday will be dating Mathew Morrison’s character, Mr. Schuester.

Michele told MTV that she has limited knowledge about the complete details of the episode. According to her, she doesn’t even know if she will shooting a scene with the award winning actress.

There is also a plan for singing sensation Justin Bieber to guest star on the show.  With this, Glee will feature some of Beiber's hit songs on the episode.  Michele said that the singing on the upcoming Bieber episode will be for the Glee guys only and that she will not be singing herself.

Glee won the Best TV Musical award during the recently concluded Golden Globe Awards.  Other Glee cast members receiving awards included Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch, who both won the Best Supporting Actor/Actress in series/mini- series or motion picture made for television.