Another 'Walking Dead' Deleted Scene: Darryl Schools Andrea

Another 'Walking Dead' Deleted Scene: Darryl Schools Andrea Deleted scenes for "The Walking Dead" keep popping up here and there, revealing what seems to be a sizable chunk of story that we never saw from the beginning of the second season.

Where the finished episode just had us jumping almost straight from the CDC to that horribly suspenseful herd scene on the freeway, the original plan was different. A number of scenes were shot showing the survivors from the CDC getting out of Atlanta and trying to find a new place to stay.

Along that journey was this stop, revealed in the clip. The scene has the gang finding a building full of bodies, which Andrea quickly attributes to walkers, and insults Darryl for his stupidity in thinking otherwise. Darryl gets the last word, though, as he schools Andrea in her observational skills. Really, all of the bodies had bullets in their heads. It's pretty obvious.

With this and Andrea shooting Darryl later, you'd have to assume that he's pretty sick of being around her, wouldn't you think?

Check out the deleted scene from "The Walking Dead" season 2 below: