'Antiques Roadshow' Hits Paydirt With $1.5 Million Dollar Cups

'Antiques Roadshow' Hits Paydirt With $1.5 Million Dollar Cups There's hidden treasure, and then there's hidden treasure. A man came on to a recent "Antiques Roadshow" taping in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a collection of antique cups he had purchased in China during the 70's and walked away with a $1.5 million dollar appraisal.

According to a Washington Post article today, "a man brought in Chinese rhinoceros-horn cups to be appraised by Asian art expert and veteran 'Antiques Roadshow' appraiser Lark Mason. Mason declared it the most valuable item in the history of 'Antiques Roadshow,' beating out an 18th century Qianlong Jade Collection."

According to the show's producers, the unnamed man had bought the cups on the cheaps in China decades ago, and was not aware of their astronomical value. He told producers he used them primarily to drink Kool-aid and occasionally a Mike's Hard Lemonade when he was feeling frisky (just kidding).

The host of the show, Mark L. Walberg (no relation to Markie Mark) reportedly told Tulsa TV station KTUL "We had not had a million dollar find until last season, when we found some jade in Raleigh. Now, Tulsa, you are the top dogs now."

So clear out your cabinets, folks. Lord knows what multi-million dollar gems lie within, and Tulsa's top dog role is just ripe for the pickin'.

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