'Arrested Development': Entire Cast Returns for New Netflix Episodes

'Arrested Development': Entire Cast Returns for New Netflix Episodes You could say that when Fox canceled "Arrested Development," they made a huge mistake. The Ron Howard comedy has been a massive cult following since, and the support of those fans has been enough to convince the powers that be to bring back "AD" for a brand-new season.

That brand-new season isn't going to be a traditional one, though: it will only be 10 episodes long, and while original producers Imagine TV and 20th Century Fox TV are behind it, the episodes will not air on the Fox network. Instead, these 10 episodes will appear in one big hilarious bunch on Netflix sometime next year.

Shooting for this new season starts tomorrow, more than six years after the show's original run ended. Here's the best news: all of the original cast members will be returning for this 10-episode run. That includes Jason Bateman and Michael Cera, who have both become big movie actors since the end of "AD."

If this 10-episode run proves successful, Netflix may consider ordering another 10-episode run. However, one way or another, this renewal is likely to lead to an "Arrested Development" movie, which will likely close the door on this brilliant little single-camera comedy that could.

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