'Arrow': Watch an Extended Preview of the 'Smallville' Spin-Off

'Arrow': Watch an Extended Preview of the 'Smallville' Spin-Off This fall, The CW is attempting to fill the void left by "Smallville" with a new superhero endeavor. Considering that Green Arrow was a popular character on "Smallville" for so long, why not reboot him into his own series?

That's exactly what The CW is doing with "Arrow," which follows the new adventures of Oliver Queen, without the "Green." Hey, that's a pretty good tagline. I should call them.

There's a new extended preview for those interested in the show, and it's much more revealing of the show's story and relationships than the previous trailer. We can gather that Oliver disappeared for a long time after an accident, and became the superhero that he is on the island he landed on. We can also gather that he used to be kind of a jerk, and was less than nice to Dinah (clearly a love interest).

It also looks as though, while Arrow will be dealing with plenty of criminals and straight-up bad guys, his own family might be a threat as well. Also, don't wake him up from a bad dream, or you'll get a karate chop to the neck.

Check out the extended preview for "Arrow" below:

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