Ashton Kutcher Sells Reality Show About...The DMV?!

Ashton Kutcher Sells Reality Show About...The DMV?! Most people don't want to spend any more time at the DMV than they absolutely have to. Ashton Kutcher, apparently, wants to spend even more.

The new star of "Two and a Half Men" is developing a reality show for TruTV set at the DMV, of all places. How anyone would want to watch a show about a bunch of people waiting for an hour to renew a license is beyond me, but then again I'm no TV producer.

I'm also no Ashton Kutcher. If I was, I'd be off buying something very expensive with my $700,000 an episode salary.

The show, called "California DMV: Field Offices" (I think they're going to need a new title), will take us inside a DMV office, presumably one in Los Angeles, and show us the "hard-working personnel who deal with everything from issuing licenses and registering vehicles to maintaining accident records and investigating complaints."

While going to the DMV is so boring it makes my brain melt, I can see the potential for entertainment here.

After all, the DMV is generally full of people who have been waiting too long to be patient or polite anymore, and when you mix that with the often disinterested employees that work there, you have a recipe for some pretty great confrontations. At least I hope you do, otherwise this show is going to be more boring than Ben Stein reading a phone book.

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