Aziz Ansari Reporter Slams TV Host's Appearance

Aziz Ansari Reporter Slams TV Host's Appearance

So much for professionalism and sisterhood. Katie Way, the reporter who wrote a story accusing Master of None star Aziz Ansari of sexual misconduct, sent an insulting email to HLN Headline News Ashley Banfield this week after Banfield was critical of Way's story. In the email, the 22-year-old Way attacked the 50-year-old Banfield's age, her lipstick, her hair and her commitment to feminism. Way's story, which was published on a previously little-known website, has been widely criticized for allegedly attempting to capitalize on the #MeToo movement and for trivializing the experience of women who have been the victims of sexual assault and harassment.

Via Us Weekly.

Headline News anchor Ashley Banfield shared an email she received from reporter Katie Way slamming her for criticizing the 23-year-old woman who accused Aziz Ansari of sexual misconduct.

Banfield read parts of the email during her show on Tuesday, January 16, in which the writer of the Ansari piece turned down a request to appear on the show. “Ashleigh, someone who I am certain nobody under the age of 45 has heard of, I hope the 500 retweets on the single news write up made that burgundy lipstick, bad highlights, secondwave feminist has-been really relevant for a little while,” Banfield read from the email.

Banfield said she chose to share Way’s email because of the comments the writer made about her appearance: “The reason I want to share that is because if you truly believe in the #MeToo movement, if you truly believe in women’s rights, if you truly believe in feminism, the last thing you should do is attack someone in an ad hominem way for her age — I’m 50 — and for my highlights.”

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