'Bachelorette' Admits It: Brad Womack Hit A Nerve

'Bachelorette' Admits It: Brad Womack Hit A Nerve Times like this, it's a crying shame "The Bachelorette" isn't a live show. Seeing the back-and-forth between Emily Maynard and ex-fiancé Brad Womack unfolding live every Monday night would be a treat.

Maynard told "Access Hollywood" yesterday that remarks by the two-time former "Bachelor" left her with mixed feelings. On the one hand, Womack did tell a Houston TV station that he feels he "dodged a bullet" when his relationship with single-mom Maynard ended. On the other, he did add after declaring that he's got no interest in watching the current, eighth season, "All I'll say is she is a helluva woman and I hope it works out."

It was the first Maynard claimed she'd heard since she shot the current season in her home state of North Carolina this past spring.

"At first, my feelings were really hurt because we left everything very civil and I've never said a bad word about him," Maynard said. She told "The Bachelorette" host Chris Harrison - now going through his own divorce - that constant tabloid attention and accusations of infidelity eventually tensed her relationship with Womack past the breaking point.

Still, she thinks better of Womack than his remarks.

"Knowing Brad, he didnt' mean it that way. That's what I'm going to say," she said.

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